Edmund Burke, On the Death of Marie Antoinette

Edmund Burke was a political theorist who lived in England during the French Revolution. Burke was at first a supporter of the Revolution, who wrote:"England gazing with astonishment at a French Struggle for Liberty, and not knowing whether to Blame or Applaud." However, soon after the new government rose, and Marie Antoinette (Queen of France) was guillotined, he opposed the Revolution.

He believed:
Chivalry in Europe was destroyed upon the death of the Queen. The Queen was attacked and executed without any men to defend her, and Europe was no longer glorious. The admirable men of Europe have been replaced by dishonorable cowards. The Queen should have been spared, and would have been if the People of France had morals.

Burke was a supporter of the Queen, and published his document near the end of the Revolution and became known as an Anti-Revolutionist. Burke supported the nobility during the Revolution and was an important figure who opposed the Revolution outside of France.

Marie Antoinette