The Declarations of the Rights of Man

The Declarations of the Rights of Man was written by the National Assembly (NA) that detailed what the people wanted from the government. This declarations was similar to the Bill of Rights of the American Constitution. The National Assembly created many such documents, but none were used,

The Declaration highlighted these main points:
  1. Men are born equal and free, and will remain that way for life
  2. The purpose of the Government is preserve rights
  3. All people are innocent until found guilty
  4. The Law is an expression of the General Will
  5. Man is responsible for his actions

The NA wanted to base the new government off these policies. they wanted to make sure that there was not slavery in their lands, and that all people are equal. In addition, they wanted the government to support the people not kill them. Additionally, they gave people the benefit of the doubt, that they did not commit the crime they are accused of. If he did commit the crime, then he is responsible for his actions. Finally, they believed that laws should be made based on the General Will.
This declaration was written at the beginning of the war, and was a major influence over the people. They believed that if they won, then they would get the rights they deserve.

National Assembly

Declarations of the Rights of Man