The French Revolution started on July 14, 1789 with the storming of the Bastille. Many events led up to the battle, and these are the stories:

Society and Economy

Society was divided into three hierarchies. At the top, was the clergy (Church Officials). Then came the nobles, and finally the Third Estate. The Third Estate contained 98% of the French Population, yet they only owned 20% of all land. In addition to controlling little land, they were forced to pay 10% of their yearly income to the Church, and an additional 5% property tax. While the Third Estate became poorer, the first two Estates sat back, and made more money than thought possible since the government only taxed the Third Estate. Eventually, there was no more money left to tax and the Government became bankrupt. The only thing left, was to find new things to tax. It was time to call upon the Estates General to find a solution.