Rousseau's Social Contract

Jean-Jacques Rousseau was an important Genevan Philosopher who's political thoughts heavily influenced the French and American Revolution. Rousseau wrote a Social Contract which helped inspire political reform and/or revolutions.

Main Points of Social Contract:
  1. Life in Society is becoming corrupt, but Men can fix it by signing the Contract
  2. Man must join together to fight the enemy, only then will he be victorious
  3. The Government is an intermediate group established by the people, who solely create and execute laws
  4. The General Will is always correct
  5. Once a law is made, only General Will can break it (Includes The Social Contract)

The Social Contracted provided a stable foundation for a future government that the Revolution would create. The Social Contract outlined the beliefs of the French Revolution and provided a goal for the People to try to attain. Rousseau was a major supporter of the French Revolution, and all revolutions in general. The Social Contract was created well before the Revolution and was one of the factors that caused the French People to revolt.

Social Contract

Jean-Jacques Rousseau